MMOs you’ve never heard of: Mad World, XAOC, and Moirai


Welcome back to our series on MMOs and other multiplayer games you you’ve never heard of! Tonight we have three to highlight.

Mad World

Mad World has my attention because of its cute graphics first and foremost. The Korean-born game styles itself as an action-centric HTML5 MMORPG with crossplatform play across Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. Studio Jandisoft – whose core members apparently worked on another game we’ve covered in this series, Metin2 – says it’ll launch next year on “a mission to offer a truly massively-multiplayer experience without boundaries,” but there’s a fun trailer out as of today:


Up next is XAOC, an old-school Chinese import that is making another debut in the west following extensive development, though it appears to not be localized just yet. Expect it to hit early access on July 27th and test for three months. Thanks Fnights for sending this one our way via Steparu!


Finally, there’s the sad story of Moirai, which as RPS reports was a free-to-play multiplayer game where what you did in the world affected the next person to come through behind you. Unfortunately, hackers have been screwing with the game so much that the developers decided to close up shop after four years.

“We’re not a large studio and we don’t have the resources to properly prevent against these attacks so we’re going to pull the game from the store,” the studio wrote to the playerbase.

So hey, thanks, wannabe e-thugs, for ruining it for everyone.

Know of more MMOs we’ve never covered? Drop us a tip! We love to hear about them!

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