Neopets gets hacked for all user account data and source code, hacker offers everything for sale for bitcoin

Oh, awesome.

So who had “Neopets gets hacked and sold on the black market” on their 2022 bingo card?  When you think about online games, you probably don’t think about Neopets for various reasons, but the strange online pet site has been online and operating for more than two decades now (it started in 1999), and that makes it pretty darn old-school. But yes, the worst has happened, as Jumpstart Games has now officially acknowledged the account data breach after it was first reported by fan site Jellyneo.

It appears that over 69 million user accounts have been compromised and that the hacker claims he maintains live access to the database, which if true would mean that Jumpstart’s recommendation to change your account password won’t do much. Players are advised to use unique passwords on multiple sites, as the primary safety risk here is attempting to use combinations of user emails and passwords on other sites (such as banking sites) to access other accounts. Our best wishes go out to those affected by the hack, and we can only hope your information remains secure and those responsible are found.

Source: Jellyneo via Polygon
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