Rockstar Games levels lawsuit against Australian Grand Theft Auto V cheat creators


It’s certainly not uncommon these days to hear of game studios taking action against the authors of hacks and cheats for their games, but a recent lawsuit filed in Australia by Grand Theft Auto V developer Rockstar Games and its parent company, Take-Two Interactive, takes things to a whole new level. As TorrentFreak reports, the suit — which targets “several people believed to be linked to the popular ‘Infamous’ cheat” — is particularly noteworthy because of the “broad enforcement actions” that Australia’s Federal Court has allowed.

“Per the court’s order,” TorrentFreak reports, the individuals named in the lawsuit are “prohibited from cheating and can be imprisoned if they refuse to comply.” In addition, the lawsuit “identifies two Melbourne premises” and “allows a search party to enter the buildings and search, copy, or remove relevant evidence including any computer, electronic storage device, or documents related to ‘Infamous.'”

And to top it all off, the targeted parties have also had a freezing order issued on their financial assets, “preventing [them] from taking out more money than needed for regular expenses.” The individuals named in the lawsuit have not yet filed a defense, but regardless of how the lawsuit plays out, this would appear to be one of the most extreme examples of a game developer bringing down the hammer against third-party app developers in recent memory.

Think these folks never get their comeuppance? Think again.

Source: TorrentFreak. Thanks, Kinya!
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I went back to Grand Theft Auto V after building my new computer to see how it was faring, immediately on logging in some dude came flying around the map spawning millions of dollars and leaving just a line of the most expensive cars behind him. Got into a few matches that were plagued by obvious cheaters and quit. Can’t imagine why anyone would tolerate that on PC.

GTA5’s online mode was insanely incompetent in its programming. You’ll never fully stop aimbots, but stuff like duping items, speed hacks, flying, that’s real amateur hour anti-cheat protection.

That being said, I hope Rockstar knocks every cheat maker they can into submission and lifelong debt. These jagoffs are making bank off of a growing industry that exists solely to destabilize and ruin other companies, and it’s about time they start getting put in their place.


this would appear to be one of the most extreme examples of a game developer bringing down the hammer against third-party app developers..

As a periodic GTA5 consumer because I have bought from Rockstar Warehouse and shark cards, this satisfies me. While R* has been unable to implement some sort of anti-cheat or checksum, relying on VAC I assume. Having my personal or even group based missions high jacked by cheaters has been deterring in even playing the game. I question however, the motives behind such a persecution. I don’t think it’s about ruining the play experience as much as it is the loss in revenue from ‘leprechauns’ who graciously drop thousands, sometimes millions of ingame currency on the populous. A single game session can add up into the thousands of real dollars in losses for the developer and they haven’t come up with a solution to stop it except for this.

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I bet having your assets frozen to what the government determines are your living expenses is a real gas. Enjoy!