Overwatch: Another hacker sentenced, a new hero teased, and an algorithm patent sought


Way back in January, Blizzard Korea announced that it was working with Korea’s National Policy Agency cyber crime unit to track and arrest the perpetrators of Overwatch hacking and cheating crimes, following an investigation that lasted throughout most of 2017. Thirteen individuals were identified, and then the courts moved in. In May, one hacker received a suspended sentence, while another was fined $10,000. A third, Dot Esports reports this week, has now been sentenced: He’ll sit in prison for a whole year, apparently being more harshly punished due to his having made a truckton of money off his hack program.

In happier news, Blizzard released a brief teaser for what’s probably the game’s next hero, if player speculation holds. Seriously, people think the wrecking ball is actually the hero.

And that’s not even peak 2018. This is: A year and a half ago, Blizzard began trying to patent the algorithm that determines Overwatch’s plays of the game. And we’re just finding out about it this week.

Source: Dot Esports via GIbiz, Twitter
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When I heard about it, I thought Blizzard was trying to patent even having a “play of the game”. Which would be some Bluehole-level garbage.

If it is the specific code they use, though, that is a different story.

A Dad Supreme

Your new Hero.

A Dad Supreme

Yours is so much better in so many ways…

Adam Russell

Did he hack the client or the servers?

Obelisk Kai

I bet it’s Hammond. Think about it. The Wrecking Ball isn’t the hero…but the hero is inside the Wrecking ball! A monkey in a ball!

He could have some weird armor that allows him to wrap himself in the ball when he needs it and it lasts for a few moment. Barreling into your enemies with it would be fun.


Either way, the possibilities of this champ seem amazing.

I definitely don’t want it to be another D.Va like champ though. I hate the design. Its fine for one champ, but multiples, meh.