Tencent helps Chinese law enforcement arrest 120 people linked to PUBG cheats


If you thought Epic Games was being too rough on cheaters in Fortnite by smacking kids with personal lawsuits, wait until you hear what Tencent is up to. The Chinese gaming giant is preparing to (officially) launch PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds there (yes, it’s already playable there via Steam, but in early access). And ahead of that, it’s going after cheaters, specifically the cheat vendors – hard.

Bloomberg reports that the company has worked with Chinese police to arrest 120 people as part of 30 different cases involving cheat programs for the game. According to the publication, the company is trying to crack down on the hacking that pervades its games, specifically PUBG; those convicted under Chinese law could be sentenced to several years in prison, in addition to fines (and yeah, it’s happened before). So maybe don’t be a hacker targeting a megacorp’s video game in China.

In other news, Tencent just inked a deal with LEGO to “jointly develop online games and potentially a social network aimed at Chinese children.” Don’t get too excited over a third go at a LEGO MMO, however; it sounds more like they’re working on a “video zone,” kid-oriented social network, and a building toolset called LEGO BOOST.

Source: Bloomberg via VG247Reuters via GIbiz
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