Red Dead Online hackers are attacking with spooky scary two-headed skeletons

I want to get off of MR. BONES WILD RIDE

That's new!

It’s always nice to think that while hackers are destroying your game experience and generally making an unfounded nuisance out of themselves for no reason other than being ornery and contrarian, at least some of them have a sense of the absurd. You don’t want hackers in Red Dead Online, no, but at least it appears that now said hackers are running about killing people with bizarre two-headed skeletons instead of more prosaic means.

So it still sucks, but at least you have one of the strangest conceivable stories about how and why you died. “Yeah, a skeleton with two heads ran up to me and headbutted me until I died. Yes, two heads. No, I don’t know why it was a skeleton.”

Of course, all of this is from player accounts rather than anything like news posts (you wouldn’t expect Rockstar to announce the cool new hack that’s hitting people with skeleton headbutts), so there’s an air of rumor to it. Still… two-headed hacker skeletons. That’s so bizarre you almost want it to be true.

So, some people wanted a video to prove this was not photoshopped.. ok here is the video, took it on my phone so people could see it’s a monitor shot … from RDR2

Source: Reddit (1, 2), Steam via VG24/7


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I wanted to jump in Red Dead Online on PC before the hackers started to do much in it but I didn’t buy it right off and I guess this kind of thing means I’ve missed that boat?

I’m guessing the two-headed skeletons were in the game’s graphics either for some kind of Halloween content (abandoned or not), or some kind of fever dream content or something. Less likely, maybe the skeletons were never supposed to be running around (like a skeleton in a museum or something) and they found a way to assign them player like properties

In Grand Theft Auto Online PC the hackers change the weather, make it rain giant boats, etc. Unfortunately, they don’t just stick to the practical jokes. They also give everybody big wads of money and such, no matter if you want the money or not. They often cause it to drop at everyone’s feet and you automatically just pick it up when they do it.

Aaron Weddle