Teen hackers plunder software giants like Microsoft and Ubisoft


If I was ever granted three wishes by a genie, I can assure you that one of those wishes would be spent on a genuine sequel to the 1995 masterpiece Hackers involving the original cast. And that wish would be spent completely without regret.

But for those who watch the headlines more than ’90s movies, a different group of hackers are causing no end of digital shenanigans. Kotaku reports that a group of “suspected teenagers” have hacked into some of the software industry’s biggest hitters, including Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Nvidia. Allegedly, the hackers have made off with top secret designs and source code.

The reported head of the hacker group is, why not, a 16-year-old boy from England who’s teamed up with a multinational group of teens to slip through cybersecurity and taunt the companies. While there’s an amusing aspect to this, it’s less funny to realize that some of the group’s activities involved doxxing individuals and negatively affecting customers of these companies.

Microsoft claimed that the group has gone on a “large-scale social engineering and extortion campaign against multiple organizations” that is so brazen that it doesn’t bother to cover its tracks.

Source: Bloomberg, Kotaku
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