Serious EA data breach exposes 1,600 FIFA 20 accounts

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Serious EA data breach exposes 1,600 FIFA 20 accounts

There is nothing quite like that gut-wrenching feeling when you hear a story about a data breach and then have to do that quick mental check to see if you are one of those exposed or not. So we are very sorry to deliver this to you: EA announced that due to a “root” issue, 1,600 accounts for its lead soccer game franchise were left exposed and vulnerable.

Apparently sign ups for the FIFA 20 Global Series was mishandled in a way that left these accounts dangling in the wind. As players were signing up for the $3 million tournament, they noticed that they were able to see other people’s registration information on the screen. Shortly after this became widely reported on October 3rd, EA shut down registrations until further notice.

EA apologized on Twitter, saying that it was able to identify the issue and fixed it. “We are taking steps to contact those competitors with more details and protect their EA accounts,” the company said. “We deeply apologize that our players encountered this issue today.”

An actual professional FIFA player, Kurt Fenech, was livid about the breach and vowed to sue EA:

Source: Polygon

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I wonder whether EA will get a fine for this data breech (under GDPR). I’ve been looking forwards to when some big companies who are lax on privacy start getting held to account. If it was EA, I’d be even happier :-)

Arnold Hendrick

Typically, the software engineers who build web-related stuff (including online support for sign-ups to accounts in various online tournaments) are paid significantly less than the engineers who work in game dev teams. The general assumption is “building web stuff is easy – people for that are plentiful and cheap.”

This the all-too-typical result of that penny-pinching.

Bruno Brito

“BuT yOu PlAy PsErVeRs, ThAt CaN’T bE sAfE”

Daniel Solorzano

Woah, that it terrible