World of Warcraft celebrates 19 years with a free goodie box, daily quests, and revived classic bosses


It’s the 19th birthday of World of Warcraft this month, and that means there’s a celebration going on in-game. That’s hardly a surprise, and neither is the event itself, but it’s still an anniversary celebration that’s handing out freebies, so why not grab that stuff if you’re logging in anyway, right?

The freebies begin with a special title and a bunch of anniversary gifts like a Lil Frostwing pet and a gift box full of timewarped badges, a Chromie quest, a celebratory firework, and a consumable that buffs XP and rep gain. Players can then enjoy some throwback content by watching past cinematics and taking on daily quests that feature fights against old foes and an updated trivia game.

Speaking of old foes, characters that are level 30 and up can take on Lord Kazzak, Azuregos, and one of the four Dragons of Nightmare each day for additional rewards and extra timewarped badges, or players can challenge Doomwalker every week via timewalking. And if you’re pining for the old PvP feeling of Alterac Valley, the Korrak’s Revenge battleground will try and offer up that nostalgia. It’s a party going on right here from now until December 7th.

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