No Man’s Sky is temporarily free-to-play through Monday as Omega launches


If you already own No Man’s Sky, then you’re in for a treat today as the Omega update has launched for you. But if you don’t already own No Man’s Sky, then you’re also in for a treat today as the Omega update is free – temporarily, that is.

“From 14:00 GMT, Thursday 15th Feb to 18:00 GMT, Monday 19th Feb, the entire Omega expedition will be open to everyone, entirely for free, even if you don’t own No Man’s Sky! This is the best time for players old and new to come together and explore the universe,” Hello Games declared. And a convenient time indeed, since Monday is a holiday in the US.

So what exactly are you getting in this patch that’s worth changing all your weekend plans? Per the patch notes, 4.5 boasts a new hover spaceship, tools for running community expeditions from existing savegames, the ability to board and claim pirate capital ships, a rework of the Atlas Path mission, QOL tweaks for notifications, new planetary missions, new loot and gear (including a jetpack), and of course, the new community Omega expedition itself. “Expedition Twelve, Omega, will begin shortly and run for approximately four weeks,” the studio reminds players.

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