Wayfinder’s latest patch improves its performance and UI


If you felt like Wayfinder was too punishing on your gaming machine, you may want to return for this week’s patch to see if the situation has improved somewhat.

Airship Syndicate said that Patch 0.2.4 should improve performance for most users, citing a player test showing 10% less GPU usage after updating the game. This situation is aided by new “performance” and “quality” settings for the console’s graphics options.

The patch also allows for batch crafting of gloomstones and imbuements, a fast travel flyout menu, “bespoke” encounters in the Reaver Woods Lost Zones, and better odds of getting good accessories from bosses and chests.

There’s also this nifty feature: “We have introduced a new system for soft targeting which will increase responsiveness to the direction the player is inputting. This should reduce cases where nearby but off-target enemies are selected over enemies which are on-target but further away.”

Source: Steam
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