Paris Hilton opens a ‘metaverse business’ in Roblox that will host a virtual DJ set on New Year’s Eve


If earlier news about Roblox hasn’t already made your soul leave your body, then consider this one the coup de grĂ¢ce: Reality TV “star” Paris Hilton is launching what’s being called a “metaverse business” in the game called Paris World, a virtual island fashioned after her real-life Beverly Hills estate and dog mansion dressed up in a similar carnival style as her recent wedding.

That was a real sentence about gaming that I had to write, as is this quote pull:

“Visitors can explore digital replicas of her Beverly Hills estate and its dog mansion, stroll a boardwalk inspired by the neon carnival wedding celebration she and husband Carter Reum hosted earlier this year at the Santa Monica Pier in California, and explore the island in a luxury sports car or Sunray yacht. Like other virtual hangouts, Paris World will collect small payments for purchasing virtual clothing or booking a ride on a jet-ski.”

Hilton will be drawing attention to this new digital island with a live DJ set that will be played during New Year’s Eve – something she regularly charges $1 million a night to do.

This new “metaverse business” is the latest entry into digital monetization for Hilton’s 11:11 Media company, which previously entered the NFT space by selling three pieces of unique digital art, one of which sold for over $1.1 million. The media company is otherwise responsible for reality shows like Cooking with Paris and Paris in Love and the podcast This is Paris.


source: Reuters via NME. Cheers, Bhagpuss.
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