Master x Master announces closed beta, adds City of Heroes’ Statesman


Today’s good news for Master x Master fans is that the game has a closed beta coming up. The next test will be between April 6th and April 27th, ahead of the game’s full launch in the summer. All of that is good news, but it kind of gets overshadowed by the game’s other simultaneous announcement of a new hero in the game’s lineup… Statesman.

Yes, from City of Heroes. Someone decided to add one of the most loathed characters from a dearly departed game that many fans are still upset about losing. It’s one of those rare situations where you’re not even sure what to be upset about first.

The bright side is probably that Statesman at least seems to play true to form, so he’s got all sorts of melee abilities, moves around quickly, and can activate Heroism as his ultimate ability. And he’s from a game that NCsoft shut down, we cannot stress that point enough. Just… check out some screenshots and a trailer down below; no one here is sure how to feel at the moment.

Source: NCsoft press release

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Pedge Jameson

Screw these guys in the ass with a giant rubber dong for doing this. Such disrespect.


You know, I was wondering at first why I hadn’t heard about this game yet. Then it hit me, it’s another moba being added to the pile. NC soft could of made CoX 2 instead, but no, let’s try and get a piece of leagues pie instead. /sigh

This turning into the wow mimicry all over again.




yeah who hated statesmen? He was capt America meets Superman what not to love? its his alter ego Emmert that “some” people didn’t like.

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Ysayle was right

A lot of people didn’t like that he was the be-all-end-all of heroes that your character could never match up to. Until they added the Incarnate system, but then they just complained about that instead.

Ken K

Statesman, the character, was not loathed. Jack Emmert was.
Second, I view this as a slap in the face to CoH fans, after NCSoft refused to sell either
the game or the IP to anyone.

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Legend Of Vinny T

Dragging Statesman’s figurative corpse out without making any effort to otherwise use the City of Heroes IP is disgraceful.

Posing Statesman in front of a sign that reads “Come in, we’re OPEN!” is a blatant slap in the face.

This has only confirmed my decision to never play an NCSoft game ever again.


GG NCSoft!

James Crow

so now i need to wait for tabula rasa character :)

Nathaniel Downes

Auto Assault!


Oh, fuck you, NCSoft. Fuck. You.

Roger Christie

Statesman wasn’t loathed. Jack Emmert was loathed.