Legends of Aria begins focused testing, delays Steam launch


Legends of Aria is shaking things up from the old Shards Online paradigm. In addition to the name change and broader focus, the fantasy title announced that it is going to adopt a “more conventional MMO testing platform” going forward.

“Future play-tests will now be conducted in phases of focused testing, geared towards specific areas of gameplay in preparation for final implementation,” Citadel Studios said in this week’s newsletter. “To accommodate the need for extra testing periods, our Steam launch will coincide with the release of the Legends of Aria Beta instead of Alpha 2.”

The current Alpha 1 test will conclude on March 26th, to be followed by Alpha 2’s start on April 28th. The team said that its taken a shine to the concept of a single large official server (in addition to the private ones) and that it will start to talk about all of the changes in store for Legends of Aria on March 31st in a new development blog.

Source: Newsletter

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Also waiting since months and months for this game..
I played 20-30 hours and it’s DEFINITELY the spiritual successor of UO for me.
Can’t wait to go NO-LIFE as soon as the “no more wipe” will be announced.
I can wait some more I suppose if it delivers what I am looking for since YEARS.

John Mclain

Was a good choice to go more MMO and less small-scale arena rpg. I was only vaguely interested before, but now considerably more interested.


I’ll be going into hibernation until April 28th.


So happy with the announcement of the new direction. Out of all the games out there, this one feels the most like Ultima Online in my opinion.