SGF 2024: Multiplayer RTS Stormgate debuts opening cinematic and Celestials faction


The beginning of this year saw hungry RTS fans toss all of the money at Stormgate, an upcoming multiplayer strategy game from developer Frost Giant Studios, itself made up of ex-Blizzard devs who seek to create a Starcraft II-styled title. And while its marketing has likened its impending arrival to an “RTS revolution,” our own sub-genre fan Tyler found that to not quite be the case at the moment during his time in a February demo.

Since then, Frost Giant has been pretty busy, posting its development progress in sporadic dev blogs and update videos. One of its more substantive update posts came this past April, with a look at some of its progress for its single-player campaign and a breakdown of what its 1v1 and 3vE (three players versus AI) modes do for development, while a video from last month offered a look at unit pathfinding updates.

It looks as if Stormgate is spooling up its marketing engine as well: The game recently debuted its opening cinematic to set the game’s scene and story and presented its third faction, the Celestials, during the PC Gaming Show yesterday.

sources: press release, official site, YouTube
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