The Quinfall offers a video overview of farming, animal husbandry, and building a personal plot


Sandbox MMORPG Quinfall has once more shared a narration-free video preview, this time offering interested fans a look at how to stake a claim on land, build up a manor, and do a spot of farming. Though just like other videos of this kind, players will likely want to hit pause a few times in order to not miss some of the more granular details.

The game’s farming and animal rearing mechanics all seem like pretty standard fare, with animal taming working similarly to mount taming in that players have to sneak up on a desired critter, use a lasso item, and then successfully complete a minigame. After that, players can plop their captured beasties into a specific farming plot area, then feed them regularly in order to collect materials.

Farming appears to be pretty similar to other MMOs: Players can plant seeds in the ground (in the same pen that animals can be stored, weirdly) that they harvest, then just simply water their plants and await the harvest.

As for establishing a homestead, that requires players to place down an altar that confirms the location of their home plot. Once the altar is plopped down (and all of the nearby trees hilariously fall over), players will have to keep feeding the altar resources in order to avoid building decay. The altar UI also displays a plot level bar that has five levels, with each level increasing a plot’s size; according to the UI, filling the bar occurs when crafting is performed, buildings are placed nearby, or when other player altars are destroyed in PvP areas. This same UI is also where players can craft furnishings.

Finally, the footage grants another look at its building system, which follows familiar survivalbox functionality in terms of individually placing foundations, walls, and roof pieces, then filling it out with a combination of utility and decorative items. The whole thing can be watched below.

source: YouTube
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