the quinfall

Quinfall opens its beta to the public for the final two days of its run, but there’s a small catch

Were you among those who weren't selected to join in the second closed beta of Quinfall? Then you're in luck because Vawraek Technologies has...

The Quinfall previews maritime activities and trading ahead of today’s second closed beta

You've signed up. You've been selected. You thought it was happening on June 22nd but that was delayed. Now the time is here, as...

Betawatch: Palia’s new owner, The Quinfall’s closed beta

There's been a lot of hay to make when it comes to Palia over the past few months, but I don't think anyone really...

The Quinfall confirms a June 22 start date for its second closed beta test

It might be easy to have forgotten that you tossed your name into the hat for potential closed beta participation, especially if you put...

The Quinfall offers a video overview of farming, animal husbandry, and building a personal plot

Sandbox MMORPG Quinfall has once more shared a narration-free video preview, this time offering interested fans a look at how to stake a claim...

The Quinfall’s latest video preview shows off caravan runs, sky rift world events, and PvP arenas

The Quinfall is continuing its rollout of video previews as the sandbox inches toward its June closed beta, and this time around Vawraek Technologies...

The Quinfall outlines 50 projects for June’s closed beta test

Turkish-developed The Quinfall is gearing up for its second closed beta test, this one taking place in June. Curious onlookers and interested fans wondering what's...

Quinfall offers a lore-focused overview of its game world’s ancient history

One of the more important parts of worldbuilding is often considering its history and mapping out major events prior to the current timeline of...

The Quinfall takes you on a tour of its villages and cities in a new video

While the natural landscape of MMOs tends to get a lot of coverage in preview videos, one should not overlook the centers of civilization...

The Quinfall demonstrates the utility and danger of player caravans on the landscape

If and when you find yourself exploring the world of The Quinfall, you're going to want to figure out how to get around efficiently...

The Quinfall will let you dress up your horse and have a hornet for a pet

Gameplay videos are continuing to spill out from Quinfall, this time granting curious players a look at the current pet and mount systems that...

The Quinfall drops new gameplay overview videos, closes CBT applications April 10

The Quinfall, aka the MMORPG with the loftiest aspirations yet, is in a show and tell mood recently, as the game's YouTube channel has...

The Quinfall begins taking names for its second closed beta test, reaffirms it will have no NDA

The Quinfall has been courting controversy ever since it was first announced, with grandiose claims that caused gamers to be immediately suspicious, statements about...

The Quinfall shows off a couple of its melee fighting styles

With more communication from its developer and gameplay videos coming out, The Quinfall may be taking steps to hike out of a pit of...

The Quinfall discusses its business model, gameplay, and beta testing plans in Q&A video

Vawraek Technology has posted a new video for its upcoming MMORPG The Quinfall featuring some player Q&A about the title, and the answers provided...

The Quinfall studio Vawraek defends its use of AI and ‘ready-made assets’

Some days we live for drama and popcorn, and today we're all out of freshly-popped kernels. So we'll turn our attention to The Quinfall,...

Betawatch: The Quinfall wants you to pay money for its beta

The Quinfall - so named to apparently distinguish itself from the other, lesser quinfalls - made news during a slow beta cycle by deciding...
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‘Open betas will be paid,’ The Quinfall declares amid fraud allegations

In the wake of a persistent hum of skepticism about The Quinfall, Turkish MMO studio Vawraek has posted more confusing information about its upcoming...

Players cast doubts about The Quinfall’s claims as studio reaffirms January 30 closed beta date

Following the absolute oil fire that was The Day Before, gamers are becoming more and more skeptical of large promises being made by The...

End-of-Year Eleven: All the upcoming MMOs to watch in 2024 and beyond

We've said it before, but this time we really mean it: The future of MMORPGs looks amazing. Contrary to years when we've seen only...