‘Open betas will be paid,’ The Quinfall declares amid fraud allegations

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In the wake of a persistent hum of skepticism about The Quinfall, Turkish MMO studio Vawraek has posted more confusing information about its upcoming beta test.

As first noted on Reddit, yesterday the studio posted an FAQ to the game’s official Discord with several eye-popping statements. While the team says its first closed beta will be under an NDA and freely accessible (to “selected users who have already signed up”), future open betas “will be paid” events. The team, which counts Turkish MMO Kayra Online as its chief claim to fame, also acknowledges using “ready-made assets” and its own custom “artificial intelligence technologies.” It further denies allegations of fraud, though it does not address recent accusations that its office photos are stock.

“There is no logic behind the fraud allegations against Quinfall,” the team writes. “We do not charge our users through a Kickstarter campaign. We are offering the first closed beta for free. We are completely transparent about these matters.”

It probably does not need to be said that by definition, a paid beta is not an open beta but a different sort of closed beta, effectively an early access, but just in case it does need to be said, there it is. In any case, since what is launching at the end of January is basically a paid early access on Steam like any other, players can always hold on to the refund option at that point – if they aren’t already turned off by the red flags we’ve been chronicling since the game’s announcement a year ago.

Worth noting is that the studio continues to tweet the countdown to the closed beta and urging players to sign up; however, the website has no clear sign-up option, and another FAQ posted Tuesday says that signups are actually already closed, so it’s not clear why it’s continuing to urge players to sign up. “Hello, key distributions for closed beta have not started yet,” a studio mod wrote this morning. “When the distribution starts, the distribution will end in a very short time. Key distributions are planned to start in a short time.”

Source: Discord via Reddit
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