The Quinfall’s latest video preview shows off caravan runs, sky rift world events, and PvP arenas


The Quinfall is continuing its rollout of video previews as the sandbox inches toward its June closed beta, and this time around Vawraek Technologies is showing off several activities in the MMORPG, namely caravan runs, sky rifts, and its four PvP arena modes.

The video starts with a quick look at caravan running, which is pretty much what one would expect of this kind of activity: Players load up a big ol’ beast of burden and haul goods from point A to point B, though they will run the risk of enemies spawning on your caravan animal’s ass to whale away at it. It’s all rather cut-and-dry here. As for sky rifts, those are also similar to world events experienced in other MMOs, as players are able to enter a rift’s area of effect and slay a number of monsters to shut them.

Much of the video’s runtime is devoted to the four PvP arena activities players can enter — area conquest, which looks to be a typical zone hold game mode for points; the easily understood kill score and capture the flag modes; and stone protection, which appears to be a point defense arena. As with previous videos, this one doesn’t offer narration, but then what’s on offer doesn’t really need much explanation anyway.

source: YouTube
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