The Quinfall discusses its business model, gameplay, and beta testing plans in Q&A video


Vawraek Technology has posted a new video for its upcoming MMORPG The Quinfall featuring some player Q&A about the title, and the answers provided are either generally pretty direct or shifting the game’s concerning narrative, depending on one’s point of view. Here are some of the major bullet points:

  • Quinfall will be a buy-to-play game with a cash shop, with V Coin shop currency available only through Steam to make buying “safe in every way.” The items that will be in this shop were not discussed, but the devs insist it will not be pay-to-win. A box price cost was also not specified.
  • Beta tests and early access will apparently not have any restrictions on the over 1,600 square kilometers of in-game real estate.
  • Open world PvE and PvP gameplay will be separated into individual “channels” that players can switch to at-will, with different effects per channel. Given examples are an FFA PvP channel that allows constant combat but no item loss on death, a blended PvE and PvP channel for those who prefer that mix, and a pure PvE-only channel that has a slight penalty to life skill efficiency.
  • On the subject of life skills, Quinfall has 16 professions ranging from the typical (fisher, farmer, smithy) to the more distinct (transporter and hireable worker). Professions will have 20 “grade levels” to earn and will also be affected by three seasons (summer, autumn, and winter).
  • The studio appears to be changing its tune regarding earlier announced paid closed testing, saying instead that the MMORPG’s three planned closed beta tests will not have a fee. Incidentally, the first beta began yesterday, while the second beta test, which will be announced soon™, will have no NDA.
  • Early access was mentioned a couple of times in the video but not specifically dated or priced; all that was confirmed was the fact that there will not be any cash shop purchases during that point.

In addition to these major points, the devs defended its previous (and now shuttered) MMORPG Kayra Online, argued that its use of pre-made assets is a means to focus on gameplay content first (while also arguing that if more studios used pre-made assets, there would be “1500 MMOs” in the market), and offered multiple vignettes of in-game footage throughout the nearly 40 minutes of runtime. You can watch the full thing below.

source: YouTube
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