The Quinfall studio Vawraek defends its use of AI and ‘ready-made assets’


Some days we live for drama and popcorn, and today we’re all out of freshly-popped kernels. So we’ll turn our attention to The Quinfall, an MMO project that seems hellbent on stirring up more controversy than results these days.

Reeling from accusations of fraud and an announcement that its upcoming open beta would require a fee to access, Vawraek Technology came out with a pair of statements on Twitter this week that can be described only as “angrily defensive.”

The first post punched back against “fake accounts” on LinkedIn claiming to be Vawraek, while the second post defended the use of “ready-made assets” and “artificial intelligence technologies” in the creation of The Quinfall. Oh, and don’t call the company a “studio” because it doesn’t like that.

“We are excited to announce our plans for a video that combines both gameplay footage and a Q&A format,” the studio said. “This approach enables us to address numerous details that players may have on their minds.”

(Is this an actual game project or a very vivid group hallucination? We are eager to see.)

Source: Twitter, 2
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