World of Warcraft’s Seeds of Renewal update is set to go live tonight


The epilogue for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is here… in many ways. Sure, today’s Seeds of Renewal update literally includes an epilogue for the expansion’s story, but it also contains the long-awaited reclamation of Gilneas after the nation fell more than a decade ago in the real world. (There was other stuff going on.) It also includes Bel’ameth, a long-awaited new home for the Night Elves after the destruction of Teldrassil. Lots of stories being wrapped up, in other words.

There are other things to enjoy, too, like follower dungeons for normal-mode dungeons that bring NPC companions along with you and the addition of dragonriding flight to the previous areas that only permitted old-style flying mounts. Add in the new Azerothian Archives and players should have at least a couple of things to take care of from this patch. Sure, it’s a coda to the expansion, but at least it’s a pretty substantial coda at that.

The servers aren’t expected back up until 6 p.m. EST, and that’s only if they’re on time. In the meanwhile, you can flip through the teaser vid and patch notes.

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