Darkfall: Rise of Agon plans to make a ‘big splash’ with a fresh start on Steam

Oh, awesome, camping!

PvP sandbox Darkfall: Rise of Agon has big plans for the rest of the year — and it wants to tell you all about them.

The dev team apologized for its radio silence in 2021, saying that some behind-the-scenes negotiations to get the game launched in Asia ended up taking up a great deal of time. And then, after all of that work to launch the MMO in the region, the team ended up shutting it down months later due to technical issues, ultimately handing it off that version to another company entirely.

With that drama out of the way, Rise of Agon is re-focusing on developing for its North American and European playerbase in 2022. The big push is to get the game launched on Steam either at the end of this year or in early 2023, at which time the game will split between a Legacy edition (with a lot of messy issues that the team can’t clean up) and Steam’s fresh start server (with all of the latest design features).

One big change that will go into place when the Steam launch happens is a hike in premium subscriptions and game time tokens, reportedly due to the higher expenses that Valve incurs. The dev team is also seeking investors to bring in capital for the project between now and then.

“We want to make a big splash and really get the game polished out for new players and old players to come back to a fresh game,” the dev team said. “We really want to put some serious coin into a marketing campaign leading up to a launch on Steam.”

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