Global Agenda officially died back in 2018 and (almost) nobody noticed


Back in 2017, we lumped Global Agenda in with other titles that seemed to have vanished. Why haven’t we heard from them? What’s going on? Are these MMOs DOA?

At the time, we said, “The game wasn’t so much canceled as it was ignored out of existence. Hi-Rez took it off Steam but left the servers up and running, marooning a dwindling population of die-hard players to the game of their choice.”

A year later, Hi-Rez CEO Todd Harris answered some questions about the status of the sci-fi MMO, saying, “[Global Agenda’s] server did not survive a multi-game internet center move/upgrade. Unlikely to be recovered […] Sorry… wish it could last forever. No additional news for now.”

At the Hi-Rez Expo in Atlanta a few months later, our own MJ tried valiantly to convince the developers to get it back online, but it was not to be – Hi-Rez admitted it was toast.

So yeah, Global Agenda is officially dead and has been since 2018, in case you were wondering or missed it in the news. It seems to be deeply missed by some, as evidenced by this continuing thread over at Steam. RIP, space buddies.

Source: Twitter
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