Closers begins to tease its new Busan location arriving on March 9


Who’s ready to travel to Busan, South Korea? Ideally, the players of Closers are, because that’s just where things are headed to next.

[AL:Clo]The location has gotten its first tease in the form of a video that tries to paint Busan as a bustling location ripe for tourism and travel. Of course, this is juxtaposed by some manner of disaster that has befallen the region. There’s not much information one can glean from the teaser, but then a bunch of psionic superpowered high schoolers wouldn’t go to some place like Busan unless there was trouble they could clear out, right?

What is known is that this new location — whatever it brings to the game — will be made available on Monday, March 9th. See if you can’t find any further clues in the embedded video below.

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