The Division 2 takes a closer look at the factions in Warlords of New York

The Division 2 takes a closer look at the factions in Warlords of New York

Now that players of The Division 2 are heading back to New York, it’s time to take a moment to assess the threats there. That was one of the subjects brought up in the most recent State of the Game wrap-up, which granted a brief rundown of the factions waiting in the Warlords of New York expansion.

As one would expect, there are returning factions like the Rikers and the Cleaners, but they have since gotten some new hardware and new tactics to make them more threatening than before. The Rikers have swelled their ranks outside of former criminals, making them more like a small army, while the Black Tusk has also gotten some new toys like Mini-Tanks and Minigun Warhounds. The devs are also promising improved AI and unique tactics employed by each group, with the Cleaners using area denial tactics and the Rikers utilizing teamwork, maneuverability, and battlefield control.

There will also be a new faction in the form of the Peacekeepers, a faction of survivors in Lower Manhattan. This new faction isn’t just the JTF with a new skin, though, as they’re described as “self-sustaining, battle ready, and not big fans of the Division or its Agents.”

The update also takes a moment to answer some player questions about the upcoming expansion and what it means for those who are only playing The Division 2 base game. These answers confirm that Dark Zone PvP will be split up between level 30 and the new level 40 cap, and that level 40 players can take part in level 30 raids but not vice versa. Incidentally, playing with higher or lower level players will reward your character gear specific to your level.

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