PvP sandbox MMO Bellatores launches a new English site full of lore, gameplay briefings, and pictures


Most of what we’ve been hearing out of the Korean sandbox MMORPG Bellatores has been primarily second-hand, but now we’re all getting a more direct look at the game thanks to the launch of an English website slathered in overstyled web page sauce for that tangy navigation taste.

The page opens by setting the game’s scene, painting a world plunged into chaos by the death of a mad king, the rise of a malevolent order, and the movement of houses against each other for the vacant throne. Further context for each of these five houses is also provided, which incidentally sounds like the five factions pointed out in an earlier interview.

As for gameplay, the site touts freeform character progression that doesn’t limit magic or armor to fighters and wizards. Players can further expect large-scale boss fights in the open world, PvP combat that makes use of character collisions, and large group battles. Finally, there are several images posted that show off some darkity dark landscapes that can best be described as New World’s world slapped with Diablo 4’s color palette, what looks like one very large dragon fight, and some UI shots that bring to mind games like Bless.

None of this includes any release timing for the game, though last reports had it for sometime in 2024. There also isn’t any official news section. Still, there is a website to slide around if one cares to and a gallery of images below.

source: official site. Cheers, Wilbur.
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