MapleStory announces spirited collabrotation with K-Pop band BTS


I’m starting to gradually come to accept that my age, ethnicity, and lack of singing talent means that my chances of being recruited for a Korean boy band are diminishing. But it’s still fun to enjoy the catchy pop jingles of these groups, especially when they show up in your MMORPG.

MapleStory is going nuts over the fact that it’s scored an appearance from K-Pop’s BTS. The group, which founded in 2013 and has sold more records than the number of mobs you’ve killed over the years, is well-known not only for its music but also for its United Nations-recognized work in diminishing violence.

So yes, there’s some sort of collaboration on the way between Nexon’s MMO and the boy band. The website is up for this, promising more information on it over the next couple of weeks. And while I don’t even think knowing the language would help understand the craziness that you’re about to see, you should witness this:

Source: MapleStory
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