Steampunkish Elyon proposes ‘massive’ Korean beta test this summer


If you cast your mind back a couple of years, you might recall that steampunk MMO fans were hanging their hopes on the then-newly announced Ascent: Infinite Realm. However, the title languished in development hell for a year or so, after which it emerged as Elyon. The game’s rebranding not only signaled a shift away from its former steampunk foundation but toward a much more TERA-like action combat fantasy MMO.

Since the rebranding, developer Krafton’s been working hard on getting a viable game to market. The good news here is that a big step forward is going to happen this summer with a beta test in Korea. MMO Culture relayed the news that a “massive” beta is being planned for late July, with registrations to start in Korea this June.

Hopefully this means that on July 25th, we’ll start seeing a lot more in terms of details, gameplay, and videos for Elyon. Are you excited?

Source: MMO Culture

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Can’t get excited because there is no test in the west. This new test just means more delays and more waiting. The hype is about gone for me.


Started losing interest as time passed without any news of progress, didn’t even recognize the new name, just clicked because steampunk.

Toy Clown

I was so excited when I first heard about A:IR. It was the first MMO I started watching in many years. With the changes, sadly, it’s an

It’s gone into a more fantasy direction and has embraced Korean views toward hyper-sexualizing how female characters appear, at least from what I’ve seen of the video. I can’t help but think they’re trying to be BDO2, as even many of the systems, like gearing, is similar.

Castagere Shaikura

I would really love to see a good Steampunk MMO.

Mikey's Bored

I was more intrigued rather than excited before, but if anything the rebranding dramatically reduced any interest I originally had for this game.