Daybreak has apparently registered another substudio: Wandering Monster Games

I know, you expected some EQN jokes.

Back in 2019, we started covering Daybreak’s moves to register trademarks and domain names and social media accounts for a bunch of groups that sounded a whole lot like new studios. Early this year, Daybreak finally confirmed our assumptions: Rogue Planet Games was created to run the PlanetSide franchise, Dimensional Ink for DC Universe Online and other titles, and Darkpaw Games for the EverQuest franchise, all of which seem to still wholly owned and controlled by Daybreak. At the time, we noted that H1Z1 had been left in limbo; we speculated that might have something to do with the pieces of H1Z1 moved back and forth between Daybreak and NantWorks (and sunsetted: RIP, Just Survive) over the last few years.

Well, maybe not. Daybreak has apparently registered the trademark another substudio: Wandering Monster Games. Given that H1Z1 at least used to be a zombie apocalypse survival sandbox, we think that moniker could make sense for a new substudio. Or it could be something completely different. Let the speculation begin.

Catch up on some of the recent Daybreak news:

Source: US Patent and Trademark Office. Thanks so much, Scott!
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