Daybreak was working on a Marvel MMORPG until last year


If there are two constant news stories about Daybreak Game Company that we handle, it’s that the studio keeps going through rounds of layoffs and that it keeps promising that a lot of things are being developed behind closed doors.┬áSpeaking of both of these events, one poster on Reddit alleges that some anonymous Daybreak employees revealed that the studio had been working on a Marvel MMORPG prior to the December 2018 layoffs – the “secret game with a top IP” that was canceled.

“A multiplayer game set in Marvel universe was in the works at Daybreak Games according to numerous posts by former employees,” the poster claimed. “Daybreak, known for EverQuest and DC Universe Online, was working on the unannounced game for most of 2018 before it was seemingly cancelled.”┬áThe sources for these allegations come from various (unlinked) forum posts and a few pieces of concept art. Job listings from 2017 seem to corroborate the timeline with mentions of hirings for a “hugely popular IP.” The Reddit post claimed that a developer said that the Marvel MMO had “top down issues” and was most likely no longer in development.

As our readers know, we wouldn’t normally pass along rumors from “some guy on the internet,” but the Marvel claim was previously relayed to us by a trustworthy source who didn’t want to be unwittingly outed, so it’s nice that someone’s done that for them now. So there you go, it’s out now. Go ahead and feel sad that we didn’t get another Marvel MMO – and that Daybreak didn’t get the cash flow of running one.

Source: Reddit
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