Lord of the Rings Online starts testing its limited-time PvP server


This might go down as one of the strangest experiments that Lord of the Rings Online has ever fielded. Coming soon to the game will be a server with two firsts for LOTRO: the first “time-limited” shard, and the first realm that is dedicated to player-versus-player conflict.

Standing Stone Games announced yesterday that it started to test the Tournament of the Twins server on Bullroarer. The idea here is that players, upon reaching level 10, will pledge allegiance to one of the two sons of Elrond and both quest and duel in their honor. By completing deeds and smacking down the opposing faction, players can work their way up a leaderboard.

There are some limitations to the playing field here that should be noted. Bree-town and Gondamon are safe zones that won’t allow PvP, and the whole conflict is going to be limited to Eriador with a level cap of 50. Players also won’t be allowed to duck into instances to gain XP and level up that way.

There has not been any news about when the server will launch and how long it will run. SSG also clarified how it is positioning this server: “This will be a separate time-limited game event world. The Tournament of the Twins will not be taking place on our other game worlds, including the Legendary Worlds of Anor and Ithil.”


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On paper that seems to be exciting, in reality though, the performance is so abysmally bad, at least in the EU. I don´t even go to the moors anymore with all the rubberbanding and skill delay during certain times of the day.

Vinnie travi

It is an interesting idea I just hope it isn’t a huge gank fest where a few no lifers race to 50 and make the game unplayable for everyone else. I would love to see a 5 level rule where you can’t dmg someone 5 levels lower than you

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I kind of wish they’d divide it up by race, so that Men and Hobbits would be reenacting the Scouring of the Shire.