Daybreak registers a domain name for its possible splinter studio Rogue Planet Games


While all we’ve got is registrations and assumptions, it certainly looks like Daybreak Games is moving forward with some form of business plans. Our good friend MSandersonD has caught wind of a new domain name registration for, which is likely associated with the June registration of a Rogue Planet Games trademark.

This move is the latest in a series of developments that all seem to lead to Daybreak assigning the games under its umbrella to individual development houses. As mentioned, June saw both Rogue Planet Games and Darkpaw Games get registered, both of which are likely the studios handling development of PlanetSide and EverQuest respectively. The company also registered a Bronze Age Studios trademark last year and a Golden Age Studios trademark in July of this year, both of which are likely connected to DC Universe Online. Of course, this is all supposition at this point, as no press announcement confirming these moves has been made yet.

source: Twitter
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