Gamigo is taking Trove offline all day today for a big server move

Always something new to adventure.

Earlier this month, some Trove players saw more than a week of downtime thanks to outages that affected both PC players and those on console. Unfortunately, we’re in the middle of more downtime today, though at least this time it was forewarned and planned, as Gamigo is apparently moving the game’s servers.

“Wait, it’s going to take about 12 hours? Yes, we apologize for the inconvenience and know there has been much downtime already from the past week, but this is our estimated downtime for this process,” Gamigo’s CM Mobi writes. “Last week downtime was due to changes on our online platform, whereas this upcoming downtime will be physically moving our servers to a new location. We’ll let you know if the servers are online sooner or later than our expectations through the Trove forums and Twitter. Due to this much longer downtime, we have prepared a care package for Trovians and thank you all for your patience during this process.”

What’s in the care package? Once again, we’re getting a one-day patron pass along with some gem boxes, dream boxes, and lesser dragon caches.

Looks like it’s gonna stretch on a bit longer than planned:

Update 08/29/2019 3:56:53 PM EDT
So one day has stretched into three days. But the team is hoping it’ll be back up later today. And yes, there will be extra compensation for the extra downtime.


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