Albion Online’s latest guide explains the nature of its world and how players can explore it

Look, sir! Cats!

If you have never played Albion Online before, it can feel a little bit daunting to start, especially if you know that it’s a game with FFA PvP areas and don’t fancy getting yourself perforated by skilled players for the crime of gathering in the wrong neck of the woods. But the game’s site has just posted a guide to the various biomes and locations found within, explaining how the game is divided into numerous biomes with different resources. For the five major biomes, it’s at least possible to explore in relative safety if you stick to the lower-tier zones, but in the tumultuous Outlands, all bets are off when it comes to PvP.

The guide also explains how the resources players gather are split between the various biomes, necessitating player trade and exploration. Naturally, there are even rarer resources in the Outlands, as well as the dangerous Roads of Avalon, but theoretically you won’t be roaming in these locations until you can defend yourself and know what you’re looking for… or you want to be entering a free-for-all PvP fracas. Check out the full guide for a look at the many ways the world is divided for players to explore.

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