World of Warcraft honors Reckful with a new Rogue trainer

Meanwhile, the pre-patch continues on with dungeon issues and vendoring armor

oh no skellingtons

It was a big deal when World of Warcraft streamer and esports star Reckful passed away this summer, with large parts of the game’s community coming out to offer tributes in his honor. Now he’s received another honor within WoW itself, as a new rogue trainer named Reckful has been added to the game. The character has unique dialogue, responds to emotes, and has a special set of Death Knight eye glows; it’s a sweet tribute that you should meet the next time you’re in Stormwind.

Meanwhile, the general discovery of changes (both documented and undocumented) within the Shadowlands pre-patch continues. It turns out that Chromie Time is causing some problems with the level dungeon experience, as being in Chromie Time locks you out of any dungeons outside of your chosen individual experience. Meanwhile, players have also discovered that Azerite armor can now be vendored rather than needing to be scrapped or discarded; this will be especially useful when the expansion launches.

Source: Wowhead (1, 2, 3)
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