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WoW Factor is Eliot Lefebvre’s column on an MMO you’ve probably never heard of: World of Warcraft. [Follow this column’s RSS feed]

The gates are closed to me.

WoW Factor: Is The War Within going to be ready for its launch?

The surprise announcement of the date for World of Warcraft: The War Within prompted what I'm sure is a lovely reader with a large...

WoW Factor: The streak The War Within needs to break for World of Warcraft

On November 13th, 2008, World of Warcraft's second expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, was released to an eager population. The prior expansion, The...
All over again.

WoW Factor: Story Difficulty is a bad idea and a good idea all rolled into one

Back during Wrath of the Lich King, I remember people asking for a story difficulty for raids in World of Warcraft because if the...

WoW Factor: Guessing at World of Warcraft’s The War Within’s release date using math

Oh yeah. It's time. I actually have some thoughts to share about World of Warcraft's current Remix leveling event, which are complicated and multilayered...
Slightly disappointing context.

WoW Factor: How World of Warcraft makes you cheer for removing features

Yesterday, MOP's Justin wrote a column about The Elder Scrolls Online that detailed its key virtues. It's a good column, and one of the...
Surprised? Really?

WoW Factor: There’s probably never going to be a World of Warcraft ‘Classic Plus’

As I always do when discussing World of Warcraft (and anything else, really), I am putting my cards on the table here: I am...
Would you like to see something unsettling?

WoW Factor: Exit BlizzCon, for good this time?

Back in 2021, we learned that there was not going to be a BlizzCon 2022. This did not surprise me, and I penned a...

WoW Factor: The strange excitement split for World of Warcraft’s The War Within

There's an interesting aspect I've observed about World of Warcraft as we slowly creep toward the release of The War Within. No one who...
Local Panda Recalls When She Was Special.

WoW Factor: What’s a Mists of Pandaria remix and why is World of Warcraft doing it?

In hindsight, I feel like I was gentler toward Season of Mastery than I should have been. World of Warcraft has turned everything into...

WoW Factor: Blizzard didn’t reveal World of Warcraft sub numbers – it drew a Mystery Line

It will not surprise anyone reading this to learn that there are things which upset me. This is just part of being a human...
Thank you. Very impressive.

WoW Factor: World of Warcraft’s Plunderstorm is neither greedy nor good

It would be an exaggeration of the highest order to say that no one was even a little interested when World of Warcraft unveiled...
It just keeps happening.

WoW Factor: Steve Danuser was not really the problem with World of Warcraft

So I don't want to sit here and say "oh, things were going so great" before the news that Steve Danuser had actually left...

WoW Factor: What World of Warcraft needs to accomplish in 2024

On October 12th, 2023, the YouTuber SuperEyepatchWolf put out a video running just over one hour nine minutes titled "The Simpsons Is Good Again."...

WoW Factor: Evaluating World of Warcraft’s 2023 progress and performance

So 2023 is not completely in the rear view yet, but at least in terms of major developments for World of Warcraft we can...
Yeah, this is a thing.

WoW Factor: The real reason World of Warcraft’s Cataclysm world revamp was awful

'Tis the season for all of us, once again, to talk about the deeply unpleasant and disappointing expansion that was World of Warcraft: Cataclysm,...

WoW Factor: The content issues World of Warcraft must address in The War Within

Last week, I talked about the story issues that World of Warcraft really needs to address in some form as we move forward into...
Hey, dude.

WoW Factor: The story issues World of Warcraft must address going into The War Within

It's telling that we're now very much in the back nine for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, and the general consensus has not shifted much...
It just keeps happening.

WoW Factor: Fine, let’s talk about Blizzard being dumb with early access

All right, let's get it over with. I didn't really want to write this column, not because I didn't think there was anything to talk...
I circle the waterfront, I'm watching the sea.

WoW Factor: Just by existing, the Worldsoul Saga delivers something World of Warcraft desperately needed

Last week, I argued that a lot of the elements of World of Warcraft: The War Within that at least sound good on paper....

WoW Factor: World of Warcraft’s The War Within actually sounds promising on paper

So now we know what's coming next. World of Warcraft: The War Within is our next expansion, and... you know, that's not really a...