Abyss Online devs warn gamers not to buy the game right now owing to ‘absolute chaos’ in early access


“We warn all to not purchase our game until these game breaking bugs are behind us.” If your eyes are bugging out reading that memo from the developers of the brand-new early access MMO Abyss Online, then push them back in because Old World Labs is quite serious.

Apparently the game is off to a rocky start; it’s currently sitting at 12 reviews in the “negative” bin with a peak post-launch concurrency of 11. There’s nobody in there right now, but that’s because not only did the team tell people not to buy the game, it also took the F2P playtest servers down indefinitely.

“As many of you know, our journey into Early Access with Abyss Online has encountered absolute chaos,” the developers wrote on Steam early this morning. “Our team is working tirelessly to address the issues and improve your experience. We encourage anyone who wished to purchase Abyss to wait at least a few weeks until we sort out the game-breaking bugs that plague our Early Access launch. Currently we turned our free playtest off so that we can focus on getting game breaking bugs are fixed. Our free playtest will be opened up again in a few weeks.”

The Steam post acknowledges a list of bugs with everything from logging in and invisible gear to crashes, world saves, optimization, and the UI (a full UI rework is reportedly underway). The team also promises “significant content updates that will introduce new features, improve existing systems, and add more depth to the game” once it’s “fix[ed] the main game-breaking issues[.]”

Readers will recall this is the same game that began life as rebrand of a crypto game selling satirical poop NFTs and originally pitched a heavy pay-to-win business model, though obviously the Abyss that made it to early access has changed its particular flavor of chaos.

Source: Steam, Twitter
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