Corepunk previews deep dish progression systems for its weapons and heroes


With Corepunk looking to enter early access sometime later this summer, the devs at Artificial Core are keen to share previews of what players can expect, starting with a deep-dive at new specializations for weapons and heroes.

The post first confirms that there will be three new weapon specs and talents for six such specs, followed by a rundown of how weapon talents work. By level six, characters can start finding and using energy consumables from loot drops or quests, which can then be spent to improve that weapon’s talent to a new portion of its related tree. There will also be weapon specialization talents that provide more character customization options.

The devs then confirm that there will be three new hero specs in the form of the Ranger, Shaman, and Infiltrator, which appear to springboard from the base Mercenary, Pain Reaper, and Bomber classes respectively. The post closes with a look at the talent trees these three new specs have, so those who are big into ARPG buildcraft will probably want to look, though bear in mind the asterisk that things are still subject to change.

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