Corepunk could be launching into early access by late summer

May's alpha test is still on track


We know what you’re thinking: Corepunk is going to further delay. And you’re partially right but mostly wrong. The studio did announce that it had to put a promised preview video on hold due to time constraints, but mollified fans by saying that the late May alpha test is still on track with an improved build to check out in-person as players explore up to level 15.

“Over the last few months, we’ve been working hard on delivering various progression systems, including endgame content, two of which will be presented in the upcoming test — eight branches of passive talents and six  branches of weapon specialization upgrades,” the devs announced.

The Alpha 2 test will focus on these talent and specialization systems along with a “much more dense” world of content, better balancing, and a revamp of crafting.

Past the May test, the studio said that the “next step will be early access” in as short as two months from now. This early access initially will be capped at level 20 until full release and include mounts and two new huge settlements in fresh biomes.

Source: Corepunk
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