Ship of Heroes talks about its variety of missions, asks players how many hours of mission content should be at launch


Your superhero in Ship of Heroes is going to need things to do. Luckily, the developers at Heroic Games are planning on making plenty of missions for players to take on, as detailed in the latest dev blog.

Missions will come in a few varieties, including story arcs from the Founding Five superheroes, task forces for teams as small as three players, enemies to fight in engineering tunnels for low-level teams that want to just have some pure combat (a la CoH’s sewer runs), and reward missions that can be found in the city that promise rich rewards for players but will also feature some high difficulty. And speaking of difficulty, players can adjust the difficulty of their missions depending on their preferences or team makeup.

Finally, there’s the Causality Chamber, which lets players replay past missions or play missions they didn’t find, as well as create quantum missions that let players customize their experience based on several criteria; “think of them as a cross between the Architect Editor and Radio Missions from City of Heroes,” summarizes the post.

Missions are being built right now, and some donors and supporters will get to experience some mission content in future beta tests. As for launch, the blog promises that the devs are close, with plans to launch “as a fun, small game” with quarterly content updates. As for whether that launch will be this year or later depends on a community poll, which asks players how many hours of mission content would be considered enough for one alt character.

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