gamescom 2023

Plue Brotocol.

Blue Protocol interview addresses the western version’s combat, story, and content cadence

Blue Protocol is one of the many MMOPRGs that are represented at Gamescom 2023, particularly the Amazon Games-published western edition of the title. That...
Steeliest daniel

Amazon’s 2024 Fallout TV series will take place in Los Angeles

War... war never changes, which is good news for Fallout fans who crave ever more of the post-nuclear adventures that itchy trigger fingers cause....
thiberty and lone

Throne & Liberty details changes to PvP, cash shop, and autoplay features at Gamescom

With Gamescom 2023 well and truly underway, the western version of Throne & Liberty aims to make a solid showing in light of its...

Gamescom 2023: Nightingale has been delayed to February 2024, new trailer ahoy

So we've got good news and bad news for Nightingale. The good news is that it's still launching! The bad news is that it's...

Gamescom 2023 ONL: Nightingale, Crimson Desert, Diablo IV, Fae Farm, Marvel Snap

Even if you aren't in Cologne, Germany, at Gamescom right now, you can still glue your eyeballs to the screen for Gamescom's Geoff Keighley-hosted...

Sky Children of the Light opens its Steam page, prepares for public PC testing with a world record concurrency attempt

The smaller scale multiplayer game Sky: Children of the Light is definitely trying its level best to balloon into MMO size. Developer thatgamecompany is...