Throne & Liberty details changes to PvP, cash shop, and autoplay features at Gamescom

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With Gamescom 2023 well and truly underway, the western version of Throne & Liberty aims to make a solid showing in light of its launch delay into 2024, and that means making several adjustments to the MMORPG in order to make it more palatable for audiences outside of Korea.

An interview from MeinMMO run through Google Translate confirmed three major changes to T&L’s systems designed to accommodate western audiences.

  • First, the game’s cash shop has seen pay-to-win-leaning items removed, like a token that lets characters grind up for eight hours while a player is offline.
  • Second, the devs are considering making the game’s autoplay feature something players can opt in to; autoplay will be deactivated in the next technical test, but the game is also reportedly designed around grinding up, so autoplay may remain intact to make that easier.
  • Finally, the game’s PvP system is going to get a significant overhaul in our version, with PvP primarily available in certain outposts as opposed to anywhere in the open world and outpost fights happening at certain times. Additionally, a mechanic where FFA PvP was available anywhere during the game’s nighttime cycle is being removed, though certain dungeons in the world that are only accessible at night will have PvP enabled. The possibility of PvE-only dungeons is still being considered by Amazon.

Even with the listed PvP adjustments, T&L is still described as a PvP-focused game, with guilds able to make alliances with each other but break them mid-battle if they wish, an emphasis on capturing and holding outposts and a single castle for several benefits, and the ability for enemy forces to attack caravans that are transporting tax money from outposts to a held castle. There’s still lots of time between now and this MMORPG’s arrival to our shores, so things can obviously change further, but interested players can now know a bit more about what to expect.

source: MeinMMO
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