Gamescom 2023 ONL: Nightingale, Crimson Desert, Diablo IV, Fae Farm, Marvel Snap

Plus Warhaven, The First Descendant, Last Epoch, Genshin Impact, and more!


Even if you aren’t in Cologne, Germany, at Gamescom right now, you can still glue your eyeballs to the screen for Gamescom’s Geoff Keighley-hosted Opening Night Live, which will deliver most of the big reveals you’d have wanted from the rest of the show anyhow, and it’s just about to begin. We’re expecting lots of MMO-related drops thanks to teases from the likes of Nightingale, Crimson Desert, Soulframe, and more.

The pre-show got underway at 1:30 p.m. EDT, with the main show kicking off at 2 p.m. EDT. You can watch along with us; we’ll be updating below with the highlights and trailers for those stuck at work!

Fae Farm
During the preshow, you didn’t miss too much – but we did get a run of the trailer out of Fae Farm.

During the multi-part Starfield segment, it looks like several people shouting about GTA VI (it’s apparently a whole thing) charged the stage and were hauled off by security as the audience booed – sadly not the first time that’s happened during one of Keighley’s shows. He called it disappointing and moved on.
Crimson Desert
As promised, Pearl Abyss released the Crimson Desert trailer. Readers will recall this one was originally announced as an MMO with some very Game of Thrones-inspired visuals, but PA dialed it back to a largely single-player game with optional multiplayer elements. It was supposed to launch way back in 2021 but has been delayed ever since. Today’s video is the first in over two years and includes actual in-game footage. No launch announcement accompanies the reveal.

Here’s PA’s PR on the video:

“The new Crimson Desert gameplay trailer showed significant development progress from its 2020 debut, in 4K high-quality gameplay footage. The video portrays the story of the main protagonist, Kliff, who is investigating events that transpire in the region of Hernand and embarking on a journey of exploration through a vast open world. […]

“The video showcases realistic and exceptional graphical quality, highlighting immersive gameplay set in a sprawling open world, consisting of vast regions and cities. Other highlights include environment and NPC interactions, motion captured combat and action sequences which offer a sense of realism and enhanced gameplay.

“The trailer showed off diverse combat, from hand-to-hand and wrestling moves to showcasing how players can use various objects (and their surroundings) against foes set in Crimson Desert’s rich open world. From boss fights to duels and battles against large groups of enemies, the footage highlighted the exhilarating combat that challenges players to take out foes with diverse mechanics. The trailer also showed spectacular skydiving, characters climbing buildings and trees, jumping over high barriers, and various mini games such as fishing, arm-wrestling, and taming wild horses.

“Developed on Pearl Abyss’ proprietary next-generation “BlackSpace Engine”, Crimson Desert is an open-world action-adventure game. With an engaging setting and realistic characters, Crimson Desert depicts the story of mercenaries fighting for survival on the expansive continent of Pywel. Pearl Abyss is set to deliver a unique gameplay experience with Crimson Desert and aims for a simultaneous global release on console and PC platforms.”

Victorian gaslamp survival MMO Nightingale released a new trailer – and another delay. It’s now launching February 22nd, 2024. We’ve got more details in our separate post, but here’s the video:

Genshin Impact
MiHoYo released a cute promo video for Genshin Impact’s latest update.

The First Descendant
Nexon’s The First Descendant looter-shooter got a new trailer too, and the company brought dates: Crossplay open beta rolls out September 19th on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox X|S.

Last Epoch
Last Epoch announced its latest patch, launching Septemeber 8th with the new champion.

Marvel Snap
Marvel Snap’s Ben Brode showed up live to announce that the mobile game has now made its way to a Steam PC launch. As in, right now, today: “Everything you love about the game is now better than ever on PC, with native widescreen and beautiful gameplay, perfect for streaming.”

Nexon’s Warhaven is gearing up for a September 21 rollout.

Diablo IV
Blizzard released a trailer on Diablo IV’s second season, coming this fall. It’s called Season of Blood, and it launches October 17th. Apparently, players will become a “bit of a daywalker” with a new questline, vampiric powers, and new endgame baddies.

And that’s it folks!
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