No Man’s Sky’s 4.4 Echoes release is live – meet your new space robot friends


Hello Games has been dropping little teases all week, so the fact that a new No Man’s Sky update has officially arrived this morning isn’t going to be a surprise – but if it is, it’s a welcome one. Update 4.4 aka Echoes invites players to discover a lost civilization of scrap-metal beings, take on pirate ships, and become multi-tool salvage hunters through “a guided mission chain [that] brings many hours of narrative and adventure, exploring the origin of these secretive constructs and what it means for the universe as a whole.”

“Meet a secret society of robotic aliens in update 4.4, ECHOES! Furthering the narrative introduced in INTERCEPTOR, explore the mysteries of the Autophage, perform their rituals, learn their language, and assemble your own ceremonial staff. In deep space, confront huge outlaw dreadnoughts, sweep through their trenches and destroy vulnerable components in new tactical space combat – and much more!”

The patch also includes better visuals for Switch and VR players, drill-down mechanics for starship combat, trench run fun, a new expedition dubbed Voyagers, a new multi-tool, a new base projector, blow-uppable ships, customization with autophage parts, outlaw rep, and gobs more.

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