Genshin Impact’s Roses and Muskets brings two more characters and an in-game film festival December 20


What do roses, muskets, a film festival, and Genshin Impact have in common? They’re all kind of bundled together with the shared world RPG’s Roses and Muskets update arriving on Wednesday, December 20th; the roses part refers to the two new characters, both of whom use firearms, while an in-game film festival will headline the update. See? It all stirs together!

The two “roses” are Navia and Chevreuse: Navia is a five-star Geo combatant who brings a gunbrella to a swordfight (and uses it as a greatsword), while Chevreuse is a four-star Pyro lancer character who fields a musket as well as some healing abilities. Navia can be rolled for in the game’s big giant gacha slot machine during the first half of the update, while Chevreuse can be tried for in the second half.

As for the rest of the patch’s in-game content, that’s primarily focused on the Fontinalia Film Festival, which promises to bring a festive atmosphere as well as a series of mini-games that task players with designing a short film with different camera angles and narrations or engaging in a marksmanship-focused gameplay mode. The update will also bring more Genius Invokation cards, a new Fontaine realm style for Serenitea Pot housing, and a host of quality-of-life features.

In addition to the in-game event, players are also being welcomed to tune in to a free concert on December 22nd, which promises 25 different tracks that cross the RPG’s five regions performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra for an hour’s worth of ear candy.

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