Elite Dangerous makes several major adjustments to Thargoid War mechanics in latest patch


The Thargoid War in Elite: Dangerous that’s currently seeing players assault the immense alien motherships known as Titans hasn’t been moving at a particularly blazing clip: Readers might remember that the first Titan was taken down last March, and to this point only three more have been destroyed. That’s four Titans out of the eight over the course of two months.

In an effort to make the war effort more approachable and to ensure everyone’s contribution bears a bit more weight, Frontier Developments has put out a new patch that is being called a significant overhaul to the Thargoid War’s mechanics.

To start, war contributions for all activities have been rebalanced, with particular attention paid to things like spire sabotage actions, all related mission types and combat activities, and hunting Orthruses in alert zones. Thargoid combat bond payouts have also seen a pretty significant jump, with credit payouts rising by the millions.

System-wide effects related to the Thargoid War are also being adjusted, with a smoothing out of system retaking mechanics in order to ease difficulty spikes, multiple updates to the spread pushback mechanics of winning back spire systems, and some smaller adjustments to counter-striking system rules. Finally, the Titan’s vulnerability mechanics have been retuned, which now make it vulnerable to attack if it controls three systems or fewer as opposed to operating on a curve.

FDev hopes that these adjustments will work in concert to make every effort against the Thargoids count, while the studio promises to keep an eye on how these adjustments affect the overall war. For those who are deeply invested in crunching big space bugs, this patch may be of significant importance to you.

source: official site. Cheers, PhoenixDfire!
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