Raph Koster’s ‘modern sandbox MMO’ is teasing concept art for the first time

Back in 2019, veteran MMO developer Raph Koster announced he was finally making a new MMO. In the ensuing two years, he's raised millions...

Palia announces alpha test plans for sometime in the first half of 2022

We're all just going to have to accept that game devs are going to use Discord as a means to disseminate news. That's where...

The Daily Grind: What’s the most chill MMO for when you want to relax?

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Palia promises plenty of customization for characters and homes in Twitter thread

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Palia offers tantalizing glimpses of gameplay, posts pre-alpha infographic

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Palia wraps up the pre-alpha test you didn’t get to play

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Palia shares more key character details and a peaceful outdoor scene

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Betawatch: Magic Legends gets discarded

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Palia’s latest investment round nets $30M as pre-alpha invites – all 200 of them – begin

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Palia gears up for pre-alpha test, reveals key characters

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Palia devs say pre-alpha will be under NDA, won’t talk monetization except to rule out crowdfunding ‘at this time’

On this week's podcast, Justin, Carlo, and I argued over how to say Palia. The Singularity 6 devs have settled it: It's PAY-lee-ah. That's just...

Betawatch: We want us some Palia

Palia! It exists! We got a whole preview for it, and it looks wonderful, and people will not stop telling us about it and...

Palia is a new ‘community simulation MMO’ from former Blizzard and Riot devs

A few weeks ago, I attended a press event for a new game assuming I would not be impressed by the offerings. Instead, I...