Palia gives you an aural taste of its ‘peaceful’ soundtrack


We’ve known from the very first announcement of Palia that this MMO was going to take a more chill route on its way to being the coziest of all cozy titles. As part of that proof, the devs released a music track to showcase how the score “evokes the same peaceful feelings that our landscape and animations do.”

Composer Steffen Schmidt shared the sheet music for this piece, saying, “This theme encompasses the peaceful tones of life during the day in Palia’s Kilima Village. Originally composed for orchestra within the game, this theme has been arranged for piano so that musical members of our community can enjoy performing it. This was one of the first major themes I composed for the game and has a special place in my heart. I hope that this piece brightens anyone’s day who performs or listens to it.”

Source: Twitter
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