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SGF 2024: Hands-on with New World’s controversial Aeternum reboot, which is still an MMORPG

How's everyone recovering from all this New World Aeternum news coming out of Summer Games Fest? It's been kind of a confusing time for me, as...

SGF 2024: Amazon discusses New World Aeternum on console, swimming, solo content, and archetypes

In case there's anyone out there still confused: New World Aeternum is not a single player or co-op game. I know the Summer Game Fest announcement of...

SGF 2024: Amazon unveils New World Aeternum, its console relaunch of the MMORPG

Ever wish New World were more cinematic - and more available on more platforms? Well, all of those things will be true come October 15th, 2024,...

Choose My Adventure: Battling New World tank builds, the wider meta, and personal stubbornness

New World is getting under my skin. I'll better explain myself soon, but before I do, I want to point out that this sudden frustration with...

New World details its upcoming Slayer Script backend tech that seeks to improve combat performance

Slayer Script might sound like someone's created character in a cyberpunk RPG, but it's not; it's the pet name Amazon Games is giving the...

Choose My Adventure: New World’s flail and void gauntlet go together like peanut butter and jelly

Honestly, that headline really condenses my entire feelings about my time through New World for this week's adventure for Choose My Adventure. I suppose...

Throne and Liberty offers a rundown of some mid-level bosses, dungeons, and zones that await players

Earlier this month, Throne & Liberty producer Ahn Jong-ok penned a letter to fans that focused mostly on lower level things like a smoother...

New World’s devs detail mount trinkets, Edengrove changes, artifact perks, and ‘influence v2’ in latest video

It's probably no surprise that the devs of New World are talking about the forthcoming Rise of the Angry Earth expansion in this month's...

Lost Ark confirms balance adjustments and Aeromancer class are coming with its August patch

When Lost Ark announced its August updates back in June, most of the announcements were focused on easing the endgame onramp for lower-tier players,...

New World promises ‘more programmatic content’ as leaderboards hit the PTS

As the broader Amazon layoff of 18,000 people across the company's global workforce begins to reverberate across the tech industry, Amazon Games Studio's MMOs...

New World details another round of server merges happening on January 10

At this point it's not really surprising when New World shifts its number of servers up and down - scalable server services is part...
Bad plans.

Amazon Games’ Mike Frazzini has stepped down following multiple rocky MMO launches

The head of Amazon Games, Mike Frazzini, has apparently stepped down from his role, announcing the move internally in a Friday announcement, as first...